Barb Thompson, salon owner and stylist at The Pine Petaluma in California, created flatiron waves paired with a side-parted wet look on her client Raquel Leviss of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules.

She began by blow drying DALLAS Thickening Spray at the root for volume, body and shine without stiffness. Once the hair was dry, she misted the surface of the hair with OUTER SPACE Flexible Hairspray.

Using a tailcomb, Thompson created the perfectly placed side part to align with the arch in Leviss’ eyebrow.

After sectioning the hair in smaller, more workable sections, she began at the nape and rocked her flatiron in alternating directions along subsections to create texture and bend in the hair. She followed the same rocking pattern as she moved toward the front sections, keeping the ends of the hair relatively straight.

Once the entire head was waved, she created the wet effect using MOTORCYCLE Flexible Gel through the roots and the ends of all the sections, isolating the front pieces.

“I switched to DREAMHOUSE Cold Pressed Watermelon Wave Spray for the front ends for shine and hold,” Thompson says.

On the side with less hair, she tucked the lengths behind the ear, and finished with more OUTERSPACE and DREAMHOUSE throughout.