July 16, 2024


    R+Co Studios
    Miami, FL


    $750 or 3,750 points

    *email [email protected] if you wish to book in points

What to Expect

Master the foundational techniques that serve as the canvas for a myriad of exquisite up-styles built for any event, ranging from prom to red carpet to bridal. Learn the art of sectioning, backcombing, pinning, and securing hair to ensure a stable base for creative transformations. Experience the beauty and simplicity of special occasion hair with three modern, fashion-relevant styles created with fast, innovative techniques.

Key Takeaways

  • Develop a strong foundation for up-styling techniques.

  • Gain the skills to effortlessly transform a foundational set into a myriad of up-styles.

  • Master the art of perfecting the ponytail.

  • Understand the importance of proper pin placement.