October 23 - 24, 2023


    R+Co Studios
    Miami, FL

  • Price

    $1,500 or 7,500 Points

    *email [email protected] if you wish to book in points

What to Expect

Discover how to recreate iconic high-end color placement and hair style finishing into salon wearable looks. This 2-day, highly creative course will take you through our step-by-step total service approach for harmonizing color with multiple finishing techniques on a variety of hair textures through demonstrations and hands-on sessions.

Acquire the skills to take your creativity to the next level and create customized looks for each of your clients.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn color placement strategies to enhance your client’s style

  • Tips on creative formulations

  • Understanding of head shape and balance

  • Gain an understanding of product selection and application

  • Discover skills to transform your clients style from one look to another

Richy Kandasamy

VP of R+Color

A native of the tropical Seychelles Islands, KANDASAMY is inspired by exotic color palettes and global hair textures. In a journey that spans the globe and the course of 20-plus years, KANDASAMY has acquired a disciplined mastery of color technique, trend forecasting, product development, andeducation implementation. As the first technical creative director for TIGI Italy, followed by theUnited Kingdom and ultimately America, Kandasamy has colored the globe and headlined showsfrom Taipei to Copenhagen, Argentina, Las Vegas and beyond. KANDASAMY’S mission is to simplify the message and deliver pure, authentic and professional grade products, education and inspirationto the global hair care industry.

Renée Valerie

Director of R+Color Education

Renée Valerie was born and raised in the beautiful Sydney, Australia where she started her career in Hairdressing and Hair Education. Renée now resides in NYC where she is the Director of Color Education for R+Co. Teaching and sharing knowledge globally throughout the 20 years Renée has been in the industry has truly given her an ever evolving bank of inspiration and creativity derived from teaching in countries such as Vietnam, Taiwan, Chile, Mexico, Canada, England, Australia & the USA. Elevating the hairdressing industry is a true passion of hers and Renée believes through education and amazing products this is possible.the message and deliver pure, authentic and professional grade products, education and inspiration to the global hair care industry.